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When was the last time you had your kitchen hoods cleaned? If not, then it might be the perfect time to do it. When you need a partner for your kitchen hood cleaning needs, Alpha Solutions LLC is here to help.

We offer a full-range of hood cleaning services, including:

Grease Trap Cleaning

Fire Suppression

Cooking Oil Recycling

Janitorial Services

Cooking Oil Recycling

We promise to protect your investment in people and property because we know the importance of kitchen hood cleaning. We currently hold an FDNY Hood Cleaning License, NCFD Hood Cleaning License and Fire Suppression License, DEC permit, and NYC BIC license. We are your trusted commercial kitchen cleaners in the greater New York Metropolitan area.

Our Full Range of Services

Alpha Solutions LLC is proud to offer the following services:

Hood Cleaning Services

We pay attention to every detail of the exhaust system. We clean everything from the stovetop to the rooftop. We have the right equipment and the expertise to get every nook and cranny in-between.

We conduct a thorough inspection of photos. You don’t have to fail a fire or health inspection because of hood grease. We will take care of all the dirty work for you.

Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Alpha Solutions LLC is your trusted partner for all your grease trap cleaning needs. We are a full-service liquid waste management company specializing in 24/7 grease trap cleaning services.
We want to simplify your waste management needs. We offer an effective solution to all your needs. We are the most trusted grease trap cleaning NYC due to our excellent and top-notch services.

Fire Suppression Services

Our fire suppression system inspections ensure that your kitchen operates in compliance with local and federal safety regulations. Kitchen fires can happen quickly in restaurants because of the large amounts of grease and other flammable contaminants present.

Janitorial Services

A clean workspace promotes productivity, employee morale, and leaves a lasting impression on your customers. Let Alpha Solutions LLC help keep your restaurant clean, healthy, and productive. We proudly serve our customers in New York, New York City.

Used Cooking Oil Recycling

Alpha Solutions LLC offers used cooking oil recycling. Our team recycles several types of cooking oils, such as fish oil, grease, chicken fat, and vegetable oil.

We strive to make our oil recycling process simple. We handle the collection, transportation, and recycling of cooking oil, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

What are the Benefits of Kitchen Hood Cleaning?

We are committed to keeping your kitchen a safe place for everyone. Below are some of the benefits of kitchen hood cleaning.

Minimizes fire hazard

Over time, your kitchen hoods will be filled with grease and other grimes. Grease is a contributing factor for a fire to occur. In any state- solid, liquid or vapor form, grease can ignite easily.

Regularly cleaning your kitchen hoods will save your investment in structure and your people. It can prevent the occurrence of a restaurant fire.

Compliant with the existing regulation

The standards governing the proper cleaning of kitchen hoods are outlined in the NFPA-96 Standard. This regulation provides the minimum fire safety standards related to the design, installation, operation, inspection, and maintenance of all public and private cooking operations. As a commercial kitchen operator, you are required to comply with this standard.

Creates an improved air circulation inside the kitchen

If your kitchen hoods are clogged with grease, the air inside your kitchen can be polluted. Also, the overall environment of your kitchen will not be good.

There will also be a high presence of carbon monoxide in your kitchen. A high level of carbon monoxide can cause poisoning. If your kitchen hoods are clean, air circulation is improved inside your kitchen.

Schedule of Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Alpha Solutions LLC recommends routine kitchen hood cleaning based on section 11.4.1 of the NFPA Guidelines, summarized as follows:

Monthly– These are for systems serving solid fuel cooking operations

Quarterly– These are for systems serving high-volume operations, such as 24-hour cooking, charbroiling, work cooking, etc.

Semi-annually– These are for systems serving moderate-volume cooking operations.

Annually– These are for systems serving low-volume cooking operations, such as churches, day camps, seasonal businesses, or senior centers.

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Our team takes before and after photos to highlight the quality of our service. We will guarantee that we will leave your kitchen hoods clean down to “bare metal” as required by the NFPA-96 Standard.

Call us now at (516) 927-7333 to schedule your kitchen hood cleaning. Alpha Solutions LLC proudly serves New York, New York.

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The Alpha team has always been very helpful and knowledgeable in all my areas of need including: replacing & cleaning duct work, keeping the kitchen up to code, air filters, oil pick up and grease trap cleaning, Kitchen equipment cleaning and general maintenance! The owner and his assistant are easy to work with and they are always available. They keep track of scheduled cleanings and oil/grease trap pick up.

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