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A professional kitchen cleaning company is important in keeping your business running smoothly. Grease and food particles can quickly build up and cause unsanitary conditions and fires.

That’s where Alpha Waste Solutions LLC comes in. We are a licensed and experienced kitchen cleaning company that can care for all your commercial kitchen cleaning needs. We offer various services, including grease trap cleaning, used cooking oil recycling, and kitchen hood cleaning.

What Does Our Company Do?

As a kitchen cleaning company, we are responsible for the cleanliness of commercial kitchens. This includes restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, and any other business that uses a kitchen to prepare food. We offer a variety of services to keep your kitchen clean, safe, and up to code, including:

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease trap cleaning is one of our most popular services. Grease traps are required by law in many states, and for a good reason. This service is important because it prevents grease and oil from building up in your drains and sewer lines.

Used Cooking Oil Recycling

We also offer used cooking oil recycling. Used cooking oil can be recycled into biodiesel, which is a cleaner-burning fuel alternative to petroleum diesel.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Kitchen hood cleaning is another important service we offer. Kitchen hoods can become grease and dirt, which can be a fire hazard.

5 Reasons Why Hiring Our Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Hiring our commercial kitchen cleaning services comes with many benefits. Here are just a few:

#1 Save Time

When you hire our company, you will save time because you won’t have to worry about cleaning your kitchen. We will take care of it for you to focus on running your business.

#2 Cost Saving

Hiring our company will also save you money in the long run. Grease and dirt can build up over time and cause damage to your kitchen equipment. This can be expensive to repair or replace.

#3 Health and Safety

Another benefit of hiring our company is that it will help to keep your employees safe. Grease and dirt can be slipping hazards, and they can also lead to fires.

#4 Cleaning Consistency

When you hire our company, you can be sure that we’ll clean your kitchen consistently. This is important because it helps to prevent build-up and keeps your kitchen looking its best.

#5 Experience and Expertise

When you hire our company, you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible service. We have years of experience in the industry, and we know how to properly clean a commercial kitchen.

Alpha Waste Solutions: Your Trusted Kitchen Cleaning Company In Flushing, NY

Are you looking for a professional kitchen cleaning company in Flushing, NY? Look no further than Alpha Waste Solutions LLC. Our team provides 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction and will work with you to create a customized cleaning plan. Contact us today to request a free quote!

What Do Our Clients Say?

Professional Grease Trap Cleaning Service In New York City, NY

We are your trusted commercial kitchen grease trap cleaners in the greater New York Metropolitan area. Our services also include cooking oil recycling for restaurant and food-related businesses throughout the state of New York.

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