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How Do Food Trucks Dispose Of Used Grease? [location], [region] | Alpha Solutions

Food trucks, just like traditional restaurants, also produce different types of waste, such as food scraps, used grease, packaging materials, and more. And just like any other food establishment, they are responsible for properly disposing of these wastes in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner.

But imagine being a food truck owner and dealing with all this waste while constantly on the move. It’s certainly a daunting task. This post will explain how food truck owners manage their waste. Read on!

Common Places Food Trucks Dispose Of Grease Waste

Restaurant Location Extensions

One common option is connecting with a restaurant location extension or an off-site kitchen with a grease trap. By connecting with these established locations, food trucks can dispose of their grease waste in the same manner as traditional restaurants. 


Some commissaries are designed specifically for food trucks, which means they have the tools to dispose of food trucks’ used grease, just like any other restaurant. If a food truck isn’t serving the public, they’re usually at a commissary, and they take advantage of the food waste disposal services.

Waste Cooking Oil Recycler

Grease trap cleaning companies are often the go-to for food truck owners to dispose of grease waste. In some cities, food trucks can also drop their used grease at local restaurants or commercial food establishments with contracts with grease trap cleaning companies. 

A waste cooking oil recycler service safely disposes of food trucks’ used grease and turns it into valuable resources such as biodiesel. By partnering with a waste cooking oil recycling company, food truck owners can do their part to reduce their environmental impact and potentially save money on disposal fees. 


Furthermore, recycled cooking oil helps support a sustainable and eco-friendly fuel industry. Choosing to recycle used cooking oil is not only good for the planet, but it’s also good for business. Learn more

Can Food Trucks Their Used Grease Into The Sewer?

Sadly, food trucks often dispose of grease waste in the sewer instead of using proper disposal methods. This not only harms our environment and water supply, but it also puts strain on municipal wastewater treatment facilities. 

Food truck owners must find sustainable ways to dispose of their grease, such as using a licensed grease hauler or partnering with local restaurants with kitchen grease traps.

Efficient And Reliable Kitchen Grease Trap Cleaning Company

At Alpha Waste Solutions, we understand food truck owners’ unique waste disposal needs. We’re a family-owned business specializing in grease recycling and disposal, ensuring that your used cooking oil is properly disposed of and recycled into alternative fuels. 

By choosing us as your grease waste disposal partner, you are complying with regulations and doing your part for the environment. Our commitment to sustainability sets us apart from other waste disposal companies. 

Why deal with the hassle and potential fines of improperly disposing of your grease when you can partner with the best in the business? Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can work together to be environmentally friendly.

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