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Investing in a commercial kitchen is expensive. It can range between $15,000 to $100,000 or more. Most restaurant owners know that maintaining this investment is essential to keep it in top shape.

One of the vital things to deal with as a restaurant owner is cleaning your commercial kitchen. A clean and well-maintained kitchen is of utmost importance for the health and safety of your customers, staff, and business operations. It’s also essential to ensure that you meet all food safety regulations so your restaurant can remain open.

At Alpha Solutions, we are your #1 grease trap, used cooking oil recycling, and commercial kitchen cleaning in Queens, New York. We take pride in our customer service, efficiency, and punctuality, and we are available 24/7!

Professional Grease Trap Cleaning

Commercial grease trap cleaning is an integral part of restaurant maintenance. Grease traps collect fat, oil, and grease (FOG) before flowing into the wastewater system. This prevents the FOG from getting stuck in the pipes and causing blockages. Without regular grease trap cleaning, restaurants risk having their pipes blocked due to accumulated FOG.

At Alpha Solutions, we understand that proper grease trap cleaning is essential for the long-term health of your business. We use cutting-edge equipment and techniques to ensure that your grease traps are clean and functioning correctly. Our experienced staff takes the time to thoroughly inspect each site so that we can provide you with accurate, reliable results. We provide fan repair, belt replacement, filter, and kitchen hood cleaning.

Expert Cooking Oil Recycling

Cooking oil recycling services provide a convenient and sustainable solution for the disposal of used cooking oils. The use of recycled cooking oil not only reduces environmental pollution but also helps to save energy. Recycled cooking oil is filtered and re-refined, removing contaminants, odors, and acidity. This process adds value to the product by producing a higher quality oil than virgin oils.

At Alpha Solutions, we provide cooking oil recycling services for restaurant and food-related businesses; our experts offer used cooking oil recycling such as:
Fish oil
Chicken fat
Vegetable oil

Our cooking oil recycling process is simple; we:

Cooking oil recycling is an important way of reducing the waste that goes to landfill or incinerators. We are proud to provide this service to help make our world cleaner and healthier.

Dedicated Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Company

At Alpha Solutions, we want you to save money in the long run by thoroughly cleaning your investment kitchen and recycling cooking oils. Our experienced and highly trained cleaning staff provides safe and efficient service that includes the removal of fats, grease, oils, food particles, and other organic materials from your kitchen.

We are proud to say that we are fully licensed and insured, currently holding an FDNY Hood Cleaning License, NCFD Hood Cleaning License and Fire Suppression License, DEC permit, and NYC BIC license. Is your business located in Queens, NY? We have you covered. Your investment is in good hands.

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Professional Grease Trap Cleaning Service In New York City, NY

We are your trusted commercial kitchen grease trap cleaners in the greater New York Metropolitan area. Our services also include cooking oil recycling for restaurant and food-related businesses throughout the state of New York.

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