Alpha Waste Solution Offers Grease Trap Cleaning Services In Queens, NY

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Thousands of restaurants and other businesses in Queens, NY, use grease traps to capture fats, oils and greases from entering the sewer system. Without them, clogs and backups can form, causing costly repairs. Considering the importance of these traps, it's essential to have a reliable grease trap cleaning service on call. And there's no better company for the job than Alpha Waste Solution.

At Alpha Waste Solution, we're the most trusted liquid waste management company in Queens, NY. Among our services, we offer residential and commercial grease trap cleaning services, available 24/7. Stop worrying about your grease trap, and let our team handle it! You'll be able to keep your kitchen clean and safe with our top-notch services.

Benefits Of Our Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Services

We're Fully Licensed And Insured

We're a fully licensed and insured hood cleaning company. We currently hold the following licenses: DNY Hood Cleaning License, NCFD Hood Cleaning License and Fire Suppression License, DEC permit, and NYC BIC License. You can be sure all our services meet or exceed local regulations and safety standards.

We Use The Best Cleaning Products

At Alpha Waste Solution, we don't take shortcuts when cleaning grease traps. We invest in the best cleaning products, backed by our team's experience and tools, to guarantee a spotless finish.

We Deliver On Time, Every Time

Our technicians are available 24/7 for emergency grease trap cleaning in Queens. We understand your business operations are crucial, so we always respond quickly and efficiently. Alpha Waste Solutions also offers regularly scheduled cleanings performed at a time that best fits your needs.

Types Of Waste We Can Handle

In addition to using the best tools and cleaning products, our fleet of vehicles is individually sized and equipped for collecting and processing:

Grease Trap Waste: Fats, oils, and greases.
Domestic Septic Waste: Waste from homes and businesses.
Parking Lot Drainage Sludge: Sludge, sediment, and debris.
Bulk Oil System Services: Waste from large oil systems.
Bulk Cooking Oil: Waste from fryers and other cooking oils.

Let The Professionals Handle Your Grease Trap Cleaning

At Alpha Waste Solution, we strive to make your waste management in Queens, NY, as simple and stress-free as possible. Dealing with grease traps and other waste can be challenging, so it helps to have a reliable company on your side. Our comprehensive services cover all your needs, from grease traps to septic tanks. Get started by filling out our form!

What Do Our Clients Say?

Professional Grease Trap Cleaning Service In New York City, NY

We are your trusted commercial kitchen grease trap cleaners in the greater New York Metropolitan area. Our services also include cooking oil recycling for restaurant and food-related businesses throughout the state of New York.

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