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Alpha Waste Solutions LLC390 Mooney Pond Rd, Farmingville, NY 11738

We are a long island based company rendering services in all five boroughs including long island. Our fully licensed and professional team will work with you hand in hand to provide you with the highest level of care.

As a recycling company we are very  proud to say that, we are making a difference when it comes to waste cooking oil collection and FOGS is concern.

Save money with our recycle cooking oil collection and grease trap cleaning from Alpha Waste Solutions LLC located in Farmingville, New York.  By using our reliable services, you know we’ll always show up when scheduled with a responsible team to assist and help you achieve your inspection goals.  Because we always walk that extra mile for our customers and the customers can count on us, we’ve built the business through recommendations and word of mouth.

Our Vision

Our vision at Alpha waste solutions is to promote awareness to the people of New York City as far as making this world specially NEW YORK  a cleaner and greener city.  Come and join us and help us continue making the difference in the city by professionally and responsively  removing kitchen waste from restaurants in and throughout the Metro area.

We Are Proudly Serving, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx and Metro New York.



What Identifies Us


We are experts in used cooking oil collection, grease trap cleaning, maintenance, and kitchen exhaust cleaning!


Whether you are looking to get your kitchen exhaust cleaned, clean your grease trap, snaking your drains, or even have someone collect your used cooking oil; we offer it all. Our team of experts are trained and certified to help resolve grease-trap problems in kitchens. We can help fix the biggest problem-creator in kitchens by providing you with a convenient solution to give you and your kitchen the peace of mind that you deserve.

Our experts can be called to perform grease trap maintenance routines to keep the drains flowing smoothly. This will help cut costs and keep you from any hassle.

We hold BIC License, permit from DEC, and C.O.F for hood cleaning

Recycling Cooking Oil

  Fully licensed

  Automatic scheduling

  Free cloud based record keeping

  Prompt and realiable

  Professional service

  Recycle cooking oil collection

  Drum cleaning


It is crucial to maintain grease traps working properly to prevent major problems.  All materials removed from the traps must be appropriately disposed of in an eco-friendly and efficient way. This is why it is necessary to hire a reputable company which is licensed and insured such as AWS that will properly dispose of your trap waste at a licensed facility and where the grease will be recycled into something useful, such as biodiesel.

Routine cleaning is essential for preventing grease build up in order for a grease trap to work efficiently that is why you need to contact our company to take care of your waste removal needs


What is a Grease Trap anyways


Grease trap interceptors are boxes that are added onto drains, where the kitchen water waste flows though before it goes thru sanitary sewer lines, public waste systems or septic tanks, where it can clog the lines and cause all kinds of destruction in the sewer system.

Grease or animal fats and vegetable oils, is less dense, or lighter than water. Grease does not mix with water they will float to the surface and are trapped inside the receptacle using a system of baffles. The captured grease and oils fill the trap from the top down, displacing “clean” water out of the bottom of the trap and into the sanitary sewer line. This is why you see a grease “layer” when observing a grease trap. When a significant layer of grease has accumulated, the trap must be cleaned out.

Restaurants have much greater quantities of grease waste than the average homes; therefore, cleaning the traps is required more often.
While it is highly-important to execute maintenance work on traps frequently, it depends on how often and how much grease goes through the drain into the grease trap interceptor as to exactly how often it should be cleaned. The state requires that you have the grease trap cleaned every 90 days. The objective is to keep the grease trap as clean as possible on a regular basis by removing the oil residue and disinfecting the trap with an antibacterial solution.

As your next food service inspection comes up, take the first conscious step to avoid those fines and help the environment.
The following link is a helpful PDF file from the NYC.GOV website for food service owners to know what to expect in their upcoming food service inspection.

Items 5A and 10B are related to the disposal of waste materials and the proper maintenance  of sewer lines.

Our Work

Offering The Most Reliable and Convenient Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services!

We are reputable hood cleaners that you can trust. We are licensed and hold C.O.F from the NYFD. All of our kitchen exhaust cleaning services are credible and comply with the current  NFPA

96, the NYC Mechanical Code sections 506 and 507, NYC Fire Code 904, NYC

We also make use of environmental friendly cleaning products that are perfect for use in the kitchen.  can become quite a hassle for both the exhaust and the drains in the kitchen. When grease gets into the exhaust system or the drain, it contaminates the environment, posing a threat to the safety of your food. Furthermore, grease in the hood can also catch fire and cause a lot of damage. Therefore, it is important to keep the kitchen exhaust and drainage systems clear of these contaminants.

If you are looking for hood cleaning experts, then you have come to the right place. We are experts in removing and handling grease in kitchen exhausts. We offer the most responsible and professional range of hood cleaning services


Are you interested in learning more about what we have to offer you? We are more than happy to provide additional information about our products or services. For product pricing details, service timelines, ordering information, or any other questions you have, contact us through the form below.

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